We Manufacture optimally designed and engineered switchgear assembly by State of art process and Tested as per latest Indian/international standards as needed and customised to specific customer needs. Our highly motivated, dedicated, skilled and experienced team will endeavour to manufacture the product taking into consideration, the application, location, atmosphere and the specific customer needs to ensure uninterrupted, user friendly, safe operations, and performs in maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. Moreover being a Turnkey solution provider our knowledge in onsite execution, co ordination with other agencies, statutory requirements of local authorities, logistical support, system and service backup will certainly add value and assure Total customer satisfaction.

We have a robust manufacturing unit located in Sasewadi, Tal. Bhor Dist. Pune. It is segregated into various departments such as designing unit, production unit and storage unit. The manufacturing unit is spread over a large area and is equipped with latest designing and engineering technologies that ensure a faster and efficient rate of production. Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations for every project that we undertake. In achieving this, we constantly update our technology and strengthen our infrastructure which helps us in testing, measuring and supporting the timely project completions.

Panel Manufacturing Unit

Fabrication Set Up

Assembly Section

Testing Equipments

Standards And Certifications

Technical Specification


Panels and switchboard are fabricated from CRCA sheet steel with load bearing members and doors of thickness of 2mm and partitions of thickness 1.6mm thick, or as per client specification.
Removal type 3mm gland plate is provided at top/bottom of the panel as per requirement. The structure of panel is mounted on base frame made from 70x40x5mm channel, this design shall ensure that weight of the panel is adequately supported on it.
The panel processed by 7 tank process is then powder coated to specifying shade as per IS-5: 2007.
Feeders and cable alley are provided with removable and swing doors with concealed type hinges to maintain proper line of ease and operation. Covers and knockout holes of adequate sizes with rubber grommet are provided in proper location for cable entry. Eyebolts are provided at the top to lift the board/panel. Panels and Switchboards are totally enclosed with completely dust and vermin proof using neoprene gasket, degree of protection IP-XX as per client specification.


Bus bar is air insulated and high conductivity, high strength aluminium alloy, complying with requirements of grade IS: 5082 is used or E.C grade copper is used. Bus bar are in rectangular cross section with suitable carrying rated full load current in separate bus bar chamber with bolted covers. Current density is generally 1A per for aluminium and 1.6A per for copper or as per the client’s specification. Fish plates are provided with interconnection by bolt. Continuous earth strip of suitable size are provided inside each Panel or switchboard. We use quality electrical switchgear, aluminium/copper bus bar insulator, wires/cables, PVC channels, transformers, SMPS, meters, switches that are procured from the reliable and established vendors.


The Panels and switchboards are given proper support by channels or sheet to avoid the bending of the sheets. The bus bar is supported with non hygroscopic epoxy supports at suitable intervals in order to withstand the dynamic forces. All the connections of Bus bar are done by cadmium plated high tensile bolt with spring washer, plain washers, and nuts. Bus bar are processed i.e. cutting, bending, punching is done on most modern machines to avoid breaks, cracks etc. Suitable clearance and creapage distances are provided on adequate size of bus bar system to minimize the possibility of fault. For proper identification the bus bar and interconnection they are insulated by colour coded heat shrinkable sleeve of 1.1 kV grade Red, Yellow, Blue for phases and Black for neutral. Phase barriers between the switchgear are used wherever required. All the cables have ferrules with the termination points on it.

Manufacturing Process

We are one of the leading organizations involved in providing services and products in the field of electrical engineering. Our products are widely used for various applications and utilities in the industrial and commercial sector. We are empowered with a strong infrastructure and a state-of-the-art manufacturing set up at Pune, Maharashtra. We possess an efficient staff of professionals, engineers, field technicians headed by a panel of manufacturing experts with a vast experience in this field. The panel manufacturing process is mainly divided into three major parts:


  • We use shearing machine, bending machine for sheet metal processing. All CRCA steel sheets undergo the process of cutting and bending through these machines.
  • Argon/CO2 welding machines are used for quality welded joints.
  • All the holes and meter cut outs are done by punching press die.
  • The welding slag is rounded off by using grinder and welding pits are wiped with smooth metal.

Powder Coating

  • All sheet work used in construction panel is thoroughly cleaned to remove all the rust, scales grease.
  • The process of alkaline digressing, descaling in dilute sulphuric acid cold rinsing, phosphating is done through a 7-tank process.
  • Metal treatment is followed by electrostatic powder coating; the paint shade shall be as per the client’s specification.
  • The panel is baked in oven at temperature of 200 degree Celsius for 20 minutes. Powder coating prevents panel from rusting and provides it a long lasting durability.


  • Powder coated structure is then assembled in the workshop.
  • Al or copper bus bar is installed as per the approved drawing.
  • Flawless, accurate cutting, bending and punching of the bus bar is done by proper machines.
  • IS make stranded copper wires are used for power and control wiring with proper ferruling
  • Switchgear, meters, lamps etc are mounted inside the compartments/on doors. Power cables are terminated in cable chambers through properly rated terminals.

Quality Control

We are committed to meet customer's needs and expectations by delivering competitive services and solutions through continuous improvement of our systems. Our quality objectives are focused on the important principles mentioned below.
To perfect the quality standards achieved from time to time.
To strive to deliver to the customers the agreed products as per the agreed quality on or before time.
To train employees at all levels to achieve the quality objectives.
Ensuring that all personnel at all levels in the Company and at all times understand and participate in achieving quality as their / our prime concern by deploying optimum resources and facilities including Safety Work procedures and work instructions for achieving Company’s goal with professionalism.
We strive to achieve the goals through process control, continual improvement, adherence to quality management system and total employee involvement, since we believe that improvement is not an event but is a continuous process.
The quality control procedure for every stage of manufacturing.

Raw Material : The Raw materials used in the production of our products undergoes a stringent quality check in factory. Inward inspection, quality check, operational tests are conducted so as to meet highest quality standards.

Fabrication : During the process of Fabrication following tests are conducted.

  • The Gauge Check for sheets
  • Dimensional test

Powder Coating : This process involves a Pre-treatment with 7 tank process and a Thickness Test.

Panel testing : We make sure that all our panels undergo testing for high safety


Routine Test

Inspection of assembly including wiring

Continuity Test

Insulation Resistance Test by (megger) 1000V DC

High voltage test by H V tester 2.5 KV for 1 min as per IS 2071(part II) - 1974

Type Test


  • An electric panel might look simple enough, but it is most important part of the entire electrical system. With a properly installed panel in place, you can rest assured that the wiring and circuits that control the system will function safely and properly. Installing electrical panels and wiring requires extreme care and skill, we even provide panel installation and after sales services.


Panel GA design with the wiring drawing

Warranty cards of the Equipments used in the panel

Manuals of the Switchgear and other equipments used in the panels

Packing And Forwarding

Proper packaging keeps the panel intact through the transport; we have three types of packaging available

Plastic and bubble wrap

Corrugated boxes

Wooden box packing

The well-connected & easy accessibility of our workshop helps in avoiding delays or other transportation issues, facilitating timely delivery of Panels and switchboards.

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